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Battle Cry to Kingdom of God Leadership: Dethrone the

 Prince of the Power of the AIRwaves


Petition to President Donald Trump, Congress, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai:

Halt Criminalized Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment of Children, Youth, and Young

Adults; and, Fund Brain Study Research on the Impact of Violent Music/Music Videos 

My Divine Assignment

A 2001 broad day, double murder, floored me to bending knees.  I had to know--beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever--what was causing children (as young as a 6-year old in 2000), youth, and young adults (CYYA) to murder. The prayerful quest became the catalyst for my divine assignment to shine the fullness of light upon the fullness of darkness causing Black males to become murderers; what was enabling them to do so without batting an eye; and how could they not have, or at least seemingly not have remorse; why were they murdering one another more than male youth of other nations?

Many months after receiving the assignment, as asked I was guided step-by-step into all truth--beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever. 

Truth without proof is similar to faith without works.  In answer to the request for professional, clinical,

medical information and scientific proof, favor of God was granted to consult briefly with two remarkable Christian authors, (retired) Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Warrior Science Group Executive Director; and Gloria DeGaetano, founder of  International Parent Coach; and author of Parenting Well in a Media Age. 

Prior to reading "Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill", 'entrainment'

had not been part of my vocabulary.  Upon Googling entrainment and reading "to become one with, sync with, attune to" my spirit was quickened instantly. 


The more learned about the science of entrainment, the more assuring the abundance of murder and all manner of criminal seeds planted in the heart of our CYYA, giving rise to deadly waters ever-flowing out of their belly (via the death and life power of their tongue) is the absolute core cause.


While Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill is a call to action against screen imagery (television, movie and video games, the scientific principle of entrainment is applicable also to music/music videos.

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