About Billie Stoker

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20

Kingdom Come Ministries Inc.  Worldwide (KCMIW) is the fruit of Billie Stoker.

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​​Native-born Texan, trained up in the household of faith from childhood, Billie is a born-again, gospel of Christ believer--an immovable red-letter believer.  

After graduating high school, Billie, youngest of four, left Texas to be near her three siblings in San Francisco.  

Billie Stoker

With 26 years of employment in office arenas of corporate America, private law firms, and civil service, the congenital condition of scoliosis served to be a glorious blessing in disguise; forcing Billie's exit from her 9 to 5 sedentary desks of gainful, but unfulfilling, employment. 

Forced out of her comfort zone at age 44, divorced, single mother of one late teens male child, Billie had no idea her cry "Okay, Father what on earth am I going to do now" had not only been answered before she called, but her move to California had truly been predestined.


Several months prior to August 10, 1991, Billie's last day of employment with the State of California's Department of Justice, her steps had

been ordered to the dynamic teaching, visionary, and

warfare ministry of Calvary Christian Center (CCC),

Sacramento, CA, Drs. Phillip and Brenda Goudeaux.

Shortly after her first of seven years at CCC, Billie responded

to the altar call for those who had acknowledged belief in Christ, but not manifesting the Holy Ghost as demonstrated the day of Pentecost by speaking in tongues.


Billie is forever grateful for the SKO (spiritual knock'em out) teachings of former boxer and former member of the Black Panther party, Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux; alongside the calm, quiet, wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove spirit of First Lady Brenda Goudeaux. Last but not least, she is eternally grateful for the SOS (stomp on Satan), demon trembler, powerful voice of Min. Lue Johnson; Calvary's then Dean of Faith Alive Bible Training, intercessory prayer teacher, and spiritual warfare trainer, for her warfare wisdom and anointing as a kingdom of God warrior.

In 2001, having narrowly escaped being hit as she was about to enter her car by the neurotic driver, whom she later discovered was en route to a broad daylight, double murder, in front of an ever-busy neighborhood store, located on the main through fare of the community, Billie was humbled to bending knees.


Crying out to know, beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever, what was causing African American male youth to murder one another, was the starting point of Billie's vow to be a weapon of war, a battle axe, relentlessly pulling down the strongholds of tongues; rhythmically rapping, prophetically prophesying death into existence; yea, the corner to corner manifestation of murder thy brother, mysogynize thy sister, vilify thy village, and more recently, the campus to campus manifestation of massacre thy schoolmate.


In 2014 the Lord of hosts made it clear to Billie the problem was not too much darkness; rather, there was not enough light being applied against the darkness. Of a certainty, the enemy is traversing the airwaves daily, entering the invisible, interpersonal, spirit realm (the unseen thoughts, unseen ideas, unseen suggestions, unseen desires, unseen dreams, of our children's spirit, soul. Has the Lord raised up a standard?


The Lord of yesterday, today, and forevermore has raised up the same standard of SOUND, as he did for King Jehosaphat in 2 Chronicles; the same standard of SOUND as he did for Joshua at the battle of Jericho. When assigned to wage unprecedented battles, Billie was quickened to choose foundational scriptures, Luke 10:19 and 2 Chronicles 20; and inspired to coin the standard raised up by the Lord as “Operation Like Lightning-The Music Vigils Movement” Operation Like Lightning | kcmi (kcmiw.org).

Drs. Phillip & Brenda Goudeaux