At some point between the years of 2000-2003, I was in the car with my son when the chorus line of Ghetto

"...They tried to tell us in the verses and the scriptures
But I guess the real message must have missed us..."

Stardom (a track on rapper Mac Mall's 1996 album release "Untouchables") grabbed my ear.

It was amazing how I had not been paying any attention to the lyrics until hearing the first few words of the chorus line; at which point I wasn't sure I had heard correctly.  My son confirmed I had heard correctly.  As it did on whatever day that was, the chorus line yet disturbs my soul on this very day.

Paraphrasing  2 Timothy 3:15,  from the days of our childhood,  we are to--know--the holy scriptures, through the knowledge of which we can attain the wisdom, which is necessary for us to "work out with trembling and fear" the salvation of our soul; and which comes through faith in Christ.

Though blessed to be enjoying my golden years, I well remember my childhood days of walking across the street for the 9am Sunday morning Sunday school service, staying for the Sunday 11 o'clock service, and walking back again for the 6pm Sunday evening Baptist Young People's Training.  I was trained up to memorize and recite all 66 Books; trained up to memorize and recite the 23rd Psalms, to know the 10 Commandments by heart, to kneel nightly to say the children's bedtime prayer. 


As was the lack of academic knowledge a disadvantage, far greater was the lack of spiritual knowledge.  Though little is said about it, the worse of the black code restrictions during the era of slavery were the controlled worship services.  In some camps there were Caucasian pastors who preached nothing but the passage of scripture instructing slaves to obey their master, and not to steal from their master.  In camps where an African-American pastor was allowed to preach, there had to be a Caucasian pastor present.   Though they lacked knowledge, their zeal for God sustained our ancestors.

While those passages were then and yet are essential to know, they were not then, and are even less now, the full gospel message needed to empower me with what was and yet is an absolute necessity for African-American parents; i.e., training up our children in the way of the LORD; AND STIRRING UP WITHIN them their most holy faith.  Let none be deceived, nothing but nothing other than the power of the Holy Ghost--can utterly destroy the evil of being hated above all nations of people on earth.  

To this day, the real message of the African-American spiritual roots as set forth in the gospel is missing our children, youth, and young adults (CYYA).  African-American history does not begin until 1619.  Black His-Story begins with His Story is with the divine purpose of bringing a measure of absolute truth forth to set captives free.