“... I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent.”

Inspired and motivated by Luke 4:43, KCMIW is an end-time ministry, dedicated to the mission of empowering souls to know the kingdom of God is within them.  

Michael Stampley's live worship of Heaven on Earth is our most favorite.  He reveals a truth not realized by far too many Believers.  Give a close eye and ear at 0:15 into the 11:06 minute video; at which point Michael quotes an excerpt of The Lord's Prayer.

Michael Stampley's live worship of Heaven on Earth is our most favorite.  God has moved through Michael to reveal one of the most overlooked of all gospel truths.   Give a close eye and ear 0:15-0:32  of the video.  Quoting an excerpt from the Lord's prayer, Michael uses his hand to tap onto his body,  in unison with his release of the words: "in earth"