Inspired and motivated by Luke 4:43, KCMIW is an end-time ministry, dedicated to the mission of winning

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pastor Giglio's video embedded below is a watch far deserving of 52:45 minutes.  However, for those whose window of time might be a challenge, we have fast forwarded it to 25:57; the start point of his very brief ly presenting the above visuals.

Similar to Nicodemus, many ask how can Christ be in us physically?  Were he not,  we could not worship him in spirit and in truth.

and empowering souls to prosper and be in health through the knowledge and understanding the purpose and for whom Christ has been sent.

The book of Colossians makes clear to us that the  mystery of the kingdom which has been revealed to us is, Christ in us, is the hope of glory to and for us. 

What can be more prosperous and empowering to the soul than knowing and understanding God placed himself and his kingdom within us; placed the treasures of heaven within our earthen vessel; and has given the keys of the kingdom to us?