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Raising the Kingdom Standard of Sound - Music Vigils


The enemies of Zion  have come in like a flood. Has the LORD raised up a standard? 

Though not specifically named in Ephesians 6 as a piece of the kingdom armor, scripture shows us that

sound (which is spirit in that it cannot be seen with the natural eye), when effectually (with precision, on target) and fervently (intensity of spirit) projected, is a catastrophic sonic weapon.


In 2 Chronicles we have the report of King Jehoshaphat, who feared upon hearing news of the great multitude coming against him.  He humbled himself, and sought God. 

In the king's time of seeking the Lord, he refers to God's power and might in the light of being that which none is able to withstand. The standard raised in answer to the  King was to send sounds into the enemy's camp before sending the 

army into the camp of the great multitude.  As the King had said, not one among the great multitude was able to withstand the kingdom weapon of sound.


What is sound?  In its most basic definition sound is a force of energy caused by vibrations. Can sound kill? The walls of Jericho were not made of sheet rock.  Anything that can bring the walls of Jericho down flat to the ground can surely kill a human being.  In addition to the Gospel truth that all things are possible with God,  Google searching “can sound kill” will bring up numerous websites that explain the dynamics of how sound can burst the ear drums, cause heart attacks,  and can cause the lungs to be blown to pieces.

Such a happening would of course require an enormous amount of force.  Again, all things are possible with God. He gave precision aim to a little shepherd boy, added supernatural force to a stone released by the little shepherd boy from a slingshot to slay a much feared giant in the land.   


1 Corinthians 1:27-29 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath ...That no flesh should glory in his presence”


Truly, a little shepherd boy going up against a greatly feared giant with nothing but a slingshot appears to be foolish. The little shepherd boy was also armed with a strength from God we seldom to never hear in connection with the story of David and Goliath.  We do however hear about it in the report of Jeremiah 1:7.


David, armed with love for God and love for the people of his land, was thereby motivated with the necessary good courage and perfect love to cast out fear.

hoods; the spiritual weapon of sound to send legions of warring angels through the halls of our school campuses.  We must go to the juvenille halls, the jails, the prisons and send the weapon of sound cell to cell.

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