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The Master Key

To teach you must seek to find
The gate to the gifts which you possess
You'll need an enlightened mind
To journey the path to your success

The gifts you have will unfold
Along the path as you serve with love 
A master's heart, mind, and soul
Will fit like hand and glove

Your mind and your heart
Both working on one accord
Wisdom and knowledge​ increased
Becomes your daily reward

You'll then have attained the key
To recognize your inner voice
Learn to trust it intuitively
You'll not regret your choice

It was chosen back at the start
So if ever you feel lost or in doubt
You need only to figure out
Which gate matches your heart

Given ears to hear, eyes to see
No longer spiritually blind
Keep pressing toward your destiny

Your keys have opened your mind

Fullness of the bond now secured
Thyself has come to know

Limits have not the spiritually matured
So grow and continue to grow

You've now been given full access

To the keys that ignite your vision

Enlightened, never to turn back

You've made an eternal decision

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