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Synopsis of Facts in Support of Rescue 'Onesty Campaign

'Onesty, my great-granddaughter, is the victim of: 1) a less than perfect, loving mother (Quinycia Peoples, my granddaughter); 2) a non-supportive drug dealer dad; 3) a cunning 45-year old barren woman;  4) a failed CPS investigation; and 5) an outright, absolute mockery of justice.


November 2013 I returned home from a 75-day assignment in San Francisco.  Upon my return I learned my granddaughter had fallen prey to a devious plot between 'Onesty's father (pictured above) and the above-mentioned barren woman (a non-relative, known less than 6 months to him).  Aided by a shrewd game of "musical child sitters" with their family members and friends, they methodically set the stage for "child abandonment charges" against my granddaughter.

An attorney was hired to represent me in a suit to Intervene- Sole Managing Conservator.  The 2-day hearing 

Notation of scripture reference handed to me during hearing from attorney hired to represent me.  


was nothing short of an outright, absolute mockery of justice.  At one point the attorney who was hired to represent me slid my notepad over to her, flipped the front cover back, and referenced Psalms 37:7 on the inside cover.  Weeks later when I considered the scripture and the bench's decision in the light of the Official Transcript, the attorney's reference to the Psalms turned out to be the only wise and just counsel associated with the case. 


The attorney subpoenaed the registered sex offender (in whose care 'Onesty had been left) but "strangely" ignored my inquiry as to why she neglected to call him to the witness stand; and ignored my request to drug test the father.

Pss.37[7] Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way,

because of the man

who bringeth wicked

devices to pass.

 Covered in her MOL is the "belt whipping*" of my 2-year old great- 

granddaughter for lying on the floor,  

spreading her legs open, and pointing 

to her private area.  'Onesty's belt whipping

came by the hands of the one and same person

who testified she had been diagnosed with a speech disorder.

*In her MOL the attorney uses the word "spank". The eye witness testified sometimes a wooden spoon was used to "spank" 'Onesty and sometimes a belt was used to "whip" her.  

'Onesty Franklin


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