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My Testimony...

Listening to Sound of Invisible Waters

Ashaneen (Piotr Janeczek) - Ocean Waves, Vol. 2 (Relaxation & Meditation Music with Nature Sounds)

DEUTER Koyasan


THE EAR During my prayers I could sometimes feel the Holy

Spirit working in various areas of my body.  I would get this strong feeling over the area of my left ear.  It was a very pronounced feeling, but not painful.  I was  praying for restoration of  hearing in my left and right ear.  I thought it strange that I was not feeling

anything in the inner ear, but was getting this sensation on

the outer ear.  When he began massaging the ear and I read the English translation, I knew of an absolute certainty the Holy Spirit was at work in me; and had guided me to find this video.


A few months ago the third finger on my left hand  got to

where I couldn't straighten it out.  I attributed it to arthritis and was praying against it.  When he told about the nerve in the hand being part of the spinal cord, I knew my miracles were to soon manifest.  My soul rejoiced--greatly.

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