In light of the statistical data revealing more African Americans were being murdered 

annually than service men and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of a decade-long war, a far more shocking fact is there has not been the suggestion of research -- by anyone -- to determine the science of the epidemic of Black male youth and young adults murdering one another more than male youth and young adults of other nations.  


What if the nation of Black male youth were filling up hospitals, instead of juvenile halls, jail and prison cells, more than the youth of other nations?

‘"...Shocking Data...

A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States...To put these number [sic] in perspective, recall that over 6,400 U.S. service men and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the course of a decade-long war fought in those nations. During the Vietnam War, which lasted nearly 13 years, some 58,000 Americans were killed — nearly 13 percent of whom were African American..."  17