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Battle Cry to Kingdom of God Leadership: Dethrone the

 Prince of the Power of the AIRwaves


Petition to President Donald Trump, Congress, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai:

Halt Criminalized Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment of Children, Youth, and Young

Adults; and, Fund Brain Study Research on the Impact of Violent Music/Music Videos 

Divinely Commissioned

The mother of an only child, I yet recall the sadness of heart and enigma upon reading Ebony's August 1979

Special Issue.  As a mother, my heart hurt with the mothers.  As one whose greatest love this side of heaven is children, my soul was sickened.    

As grandmother to a 4 year-old granddaughter, the March 2000 headlines of a 6-year old taking a gun to school and shooting his classmate, was unnerving.

The December 2, 1997 headlines of a14-year old Michael Carneal opening fire on his  schoolmates was out of character.  As as the son of active Christian servants, I was alarmed he had targeted a prayer group, among which were friends of his; yet not opening fire until just as they said, "amen".

When considering Black youth were not murdering one another during the impoverished era of slavery; which forced the absence of fathers and placed women as head of household, the absent father, women head of household, and poor kids theory left more than the shadow of doubt . 

did", puzzled me.  I knew no history of Black male youth murdering one another.  For a  long span of time, more than I can remember, those exact words continued to come up in my spirit. 


One day without thought on the matter, I felt my head light up with: "They're being inspired by the words and moved by the music."  Within moments of journeying back down memory lane, my soul knew I had been given my beyond the shadow of any doubt answer.

​​"...Stagger Lee shot Billy,

Oh he shot that poor boy so bad,

Till the bullet came through Billy

And broke the bartender's glass..."

                       Read lyrics

on black crime-filled words of gangsta rap, there had been no black on black murder lyrics. 

Released November 1958, Lloyd Price's original lyrics to "Stagger Lee" were banned for themes of violence.

The  answer given to me: "They're doing the same thing as your generation and the generations before you

A historical look at African American music dating back to the 1700s unequivocally reveals prior to the black

With at-risk youth averaging 6.8 hours per day being entrained with criminalized lyrics and rhythmically

Trap is a subgenre that originated during the 1990s... It is typified by its ominous sound that incorporate double or triple-time sub-divided hi-hats,[3] heavy kick drums from a Roland TR-808, layered synthesizers, and "cinematic" strings.[4][5] The term "trap" initially referred to places where drug deals take place..." Read more

motivated by the trap beats, can there be reasonable wonder as to why criminal involvement is higher among at-risk youth? 

With an overrepresentation of 25% criminal entrainment as aggressors, how can the corresponding high crime rate of the black population  be an enigma?   

With an over-representation of 41% visually entrained as "victims",  what is the mystery of the corresponding black homicide?

As I, there are likely readers who are outside the fields of psychophysiology and neurocardiology.  However,  our quick overview of HeartMath's user-friendly site made it crystal clear how the mind and heart of our children are being entrained to murder thy brother, and open fire on school mates, without batting an eye.


It is written:  'as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is'.  Findings of the HeartMath Institute contain a wealth of scientific knowledge regarding the heart; and align with wisdom eternal which instructs us to guard the heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.  Heaven and earth forbid we alllow the airwaves to be a weapon of mass criminalization to our children; for which they are penalized, instutionalized, prematurely funeralized.

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