Purpose of the Rescue 'Onesty Campaign

'Onesty Franklin

Giving the highest of praise to God Almighty, the purpose of the Rescue 'Onesty Campaign is to:

  • Bring 'Onesty (my great-granddaughter) home safely and sound minded to her family

  • Restore 'Onesty's peace of heart and spirit of Joy with her family

  • Turn that which was intended for 'Onesty's evil into good 

  • Enourage like-victims to fight the good fight

  • Shine the light on the dark deeds that separated 'Onesty from her family 

  • Pull down the strongholds of wickedness
    n high and low places

  • Do all to pursue (1 Samuel 30)

KILGORE, TEXAS (KETK) — EDITOR'S NOTE: The Video above is Courtesy of the Kilgore News Herald.

Police arrested two people Thursday following a drug raid at home on West North Street. "...Clifford Wayne Franklin, 25, of Kilgore, was arrested for possession of controlled substance and theft of a firear since he was in possession of a stolen gun..." 


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