In less than a month of my return home in December 2015,  I received an alarming call from the leader of the California PDW team.

With a most earnest spirit, she said..."Sis. Billie--your son really needs you. The Holy Ghost dropped me to my knees and showed me some things about that woman.  Sis. Billie, that D.A. woman, she don't [sic] like Black men." 

Startled to hear my son needed me, but knowing her very well and feeling the voice of the Spirit, I gave heed to what was being told to me.

A couple of hours later, a call came from the PDW attorney..."Hi, Ms. Stoker...We just finished a rough morning session. We'll start jury selection this week...I'm facing a lot of evil, and it's tough.  I really need prayer going on in that courtroom."

Contemplating both calls and especially the plea for prayer in the courtroom, I went online immediately to make reservations. While online, I received another call.  "Ma, they're trying to railroad me.  I saw it on the face of that judge. I was trembling on the inside and my knees were knocking.  I would not ask you to turn around and come back if I didn't need you here..."   "...Call me back later this evening, son.  I'm online making travel playing right now. envisioning my son trembling cars my blood to boil. My spirit greatly vexed, the PDW in me went into tread mode and declared to Satan it was he who would be trembling. 

Praise God, unaware of my declaration to Satan, a few conversations thereafter, the PDW attorney informed me that the district attorney was literally shaking in her boots,  and apparently for no reason other than to support her, had brought a lawyer friend to sit alongside her.

Holding in mind jury selection was about to begin, the PDW team made Intercession for all 12 jurors and alternate jurors to be unbiased, seekers of truth.

Mindful the Holy Ghost had moved mightily in forewarning the leader of the California PDW team that the prosecuting attorney had an evil heart against Black men, dunamis warfare prayers, warfare drum sounds, and war dances went into the camp of the enemy; praise songs, and praise dances were lifted up to God and the heavenly host for bringing illumination to the prosecution's wiles and manipulation. 

Upon my January 20, 2016 arrival in Martinez, California, I was met by a cousin. Two days later, hearing the doors as they opened, my son and his PDW attorney turned to see who was entering the trial room.  Restricted from communication, aclosed lip smile and the  raising of my son's eyebrows expressed his delight in seeing me and two of my PDW cousins.

The rod of my son's two-edged sword, opened and placed in front of him; and the PDW attorney's modern day staff--a laptop, wireless presentation pointer, a 60-inch HDTV--purchased by her specifically for her "Seeing is Believing" presentation of video footage during the trial, exceeded our intercession for their tableto be prepared.

At a glance, the prosecuting attorney, appearing to be in her mid-thirties was too young to be among the generation of Black male haters I had anticipated seeing.  Wearing a black, long sleeve dress, a pair of the fashionable high stepping, higher than high heels, the district attorney made her way to the jury box.  Absent a foundation of truth on behalf of those she was representing, her opening statement was accusatory, but far less than convincing. One juror was seen turning her head and angling her body away from the district attorney.

Our PDW attorney was clothed in a white two-piece suit (full length skirt), and feet shod in white, patent leather, low-wedge heels.
Crowned with confidence in her approach to the jury box, jurors were graciously greeted with professionalism.  Referring to video footage of the events captured the night in question, all 12 jurors listened attentively to an outstanding opening statement--cleverly entitled "Seeing is Believing."
The PDW team's intercession for unbiased, truth-seeking jurors was confirmed with a request to the judge from an interactive juror. Annoyed with the persistent evasiveness of a blatantly angered and uncooperative police officer, one of the jurors--male caucasian--requested permission to ask the officer a question.  The judge honored the juror's request by instructing him to write his question and give it to the bailiff; who gave it to the judge. Afterbeing asked the question by the judge, the

The prosecuting attorney (about whom the Holy Ghost had forewarned the leader of the PDW California team), was  literally fumbling around for a while trying to get her laptop to work wall projector she was planning to use for her slide presentation.

Frustrated, she turned around and said, right there in the courtroom, "God doesn't like me." An odd remark, it was later proven to have been so stated with good reason. Unable to get her equipment going, she resorted to asking permission to use the PDW attorney's laptop and widescreen.

In what was inadvertently shown to be conspiracy between the prosecuting attorney and the bailiff, it had been decided the prosecution's presentation equipment would be taken into the jury deliberation room for use by the jurors to review. However, as divine intervention had caused failure of the prosecutor's laptop, our PDW attorney spoke out and suggested that as it had been her laptop and widescreen that had been used in the  courtroom, it would be best that it also be taken into the jury deliberation room.

After the PDW-Attorney's equipment had been set up in the deliberation room, she and the prosecutor returned to their table in the now empty courtroom.Lo and behold,  the prosecutor's laptop comes on. What seemed to be an odd remark was made perfectly clear. The startup page of the prosecuting attorney's laptop opens up and right before the eyes of our PDW attorney appears the wile.The startup page loads with an image having potential to insidiously prejudice the mind of the jurors.


After two and a half weeks of testimony, the jury deliberated  a day and a half.  my.son was found not guilty on the charge of assault against an officer.  He was also found not guilty of the greater charge, violently resisting arrest, which was a felony charge. Notwithstanding video footage which clearly revealed the officers communicated no manner of attempt to make an arrest, and my son's speeding out of the parking lot was not an act of resisting arrest, but an act of self-preservation after the officers opened fire on him, the jury found him guilty of the lesser misdemeanor charge, delay of justice; for which the judge decreed the maximum years of sentencing, and fined my son the maximum amount.

In the State of California, an application to bring action against a government entity must be filed with the Court. After review of my son's imprisoned pro per application to bring an action, the Judge granted permission to bring action of excessive force against the two officers who fired their weapons; conspiracy against all three police officers false arrest against the Richmond Police Department conspiracy and malicious prosecution against the District Attorney's office.

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Having been made fully aware of their cunning ways, the PDW team was guided to declare and decree the PDW attorney was wiser than the serpent; that none of her adversaries would be able to gainsay against her mouth of wisdom and learned tongue of the laws of the land.

My son informed me that our remarkable PDW attorney was given cause to refer the judge to the law books; causing him to stand corrected in each instance.  With no uncertainty, the judge's displeasure in being corrected was made known with an unfair, retaliatory decision.   Following the afternoon session the PDW attorney called and informed me the judge had given her less than a week to research, prepare, and file a motion.  As I heard her saying the judge knew it was not enough time, I was guided to notify the PDW teamof the judge's unfair decision; and bring the judge into subjection to

Knowing the fight was fixed did not dismiss the necessity to be strong and of good courage.   The judicial principality is a formidable opposition in the land.  Warring against the strongholds of racism and/or any judicial injustice requires a courageous mindset and approach of knowing you are seated in the position of supreme authority--far above the laws of the land. As guided, going strong in dunamis prayer mode, the PDW team was inspired to bring the judge's decisions into captivity to Proverbs 8:16.

On the morning following, the PDW attorney called. Our God and very present help, had turned the heart of the judge.  Making an 180 degree turnaround, the judge granted her three weeks.

Even though video footage of the night in question provided the district attorney's office  clear evidence of my son's innocence, they refused to dismiss the charges.

In hopes the 30-year prison term would cause my son to coward down, they offered him a deal to drop the assault against an officer, and take the violently arrest charge.

Divine protection on the night in question, video footage, and a divinely appointed PDW attorney--who was not supposed to have been assigned the case, there could be no doubt as God had been with Moses, so was he with us. 

As was told Cletus, my son informed his PDW attorney his decision was--okay, D.A., come on, come on, bring it on.

Taking into account the nature of the charge, the venue, and the defendant's race (known to not take the risky path of trial), the PDW attorney had stated an "uncommon" position to the Court.    Likely thinking to force her hand, and likely to be as you said asking the question just who do they  (a Black male defendant charged with an assault against a Caucasian police officer, and Black female defense attorney) think they are, the judge questioned her stated position.  Raising his head and seeing her looking at him but giving no response, the judge asked her yet again. 

My son said even with a suggestive contempt of court remark from the district attorney,  his attorney sat there looking the judge in the eye, adding nothing more nor taking anything away from her position as stated.  When I heard the words: "Mother, my attorney stood her ground in the courtroom today.  I saw God on her and heard God in her", I knew we had been blessed with a PDW attorney who, as you said, Dr. Chironna, knew how to stare her opponent down. 

The end of 2014 being at hand, preparing for two trials, and necessary trial preparation for my son's case, the battle was not expected to resume before the summer or fall of 2015. 

My son's youngest  daughter was graduating high school June 3, 2015.  I had not seen my son since his trip to Texas in April 2014, which was four months before the shooting.  It mattered not that my son, who had been given a $290,000 bail would be in custody, I wanted to spend a few months visiting with him; and I wanted to meet our PDW attorney. 

I arrived California the day before the graduation.  After a six month stay, I arrived home one week before Christmas.

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B Stoker

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Dr.  Mark Chironna:

Glorious greetings.

Thank you for going above, beneath, and beyond to empower the beloved.  God's richest blessings to you.

​Shortly after my February 2004 relocation back home to Texas, a life-changing experience began.

While watching TBN's Spring Praise-A-Thon,  I was touched by the Master.  I began staying in touch on Monday evenings; and checking the hosts for TBN's Praise the Lord broadcast. 

​Approximately seven years ago, touched again by the Master, I decided to bless myself with two exceptionally grand birthday gifts.

"The Presence Driven Warrior" (PDW), and "The Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) is Within You-How to Unlock Your Destiny Powers" are yet influencing my ways, my words, my works, and my walk; beyond what I can express in this synopsis of an overcomING word of my testimony.  As the working of miracles are manifest-ING, I have purposefully expressed present participle tense of my testimony at this point. 

​My purpose for purchasing both tapes was relative to my destined life purpose.  As one whose two greatest loves this side of heaven are children and music, the PDW series was purchased knowing the necessity for heavy duty artillery to wage a triumphant  battle against the prince of the power of the air who, ever-traversing the airwaves, is ever-hovering the atmosphere; ever-broadcasting vials of murder thy brother, hate thy sister, vilify thy villages, thy school campuses, etc.

​"...This is a rhema, from, the Holy Ghost...Now, I just need you to know... as I was with Moses...God's not talking to Joshua..."

At the point of the purchasing PDW, I had no clue the above quoted excerpts would be the arsenal used to fuel a personal battle.  ​

​August  11, 2014 (3 days following the murder of Michael Brown) was the opening night of a fixed fight.  From day one of a 19-month ordeal, PDW inspired the divinely-guided strategy of an
uncommon courtroom battle.

Two Richmond, California police officers unjustifiably fired bullets--from behind--into my son's car--with its brake lights on,--as he sat therein awaiting opening of the secured gate to the downstairs parking lot of the 3rd floor apartment in which he, his wife, his stepson and stepdaughter resided.  The trial playback of the police call made by my son's wife unequivocally established the fact that her call reported nothing more than property damage done by her husband (my son) as he backed out of his parking space into her son's vacant truck; which was parked also In the parking loContrary to the officers claim that they yelled to my son to stop the car, video footage clearly
established at no point did the officers communicate any verbal or otherwise intent/attempt to make an arrest.

A total of 8--missed hit--bullets entered into the car of my unarmed, non-whatsoever threatening son; all 8 of which ricocheted throughout the car.

Dr. Chironna, as the mother of a 45-year old, Black male, only child, too real for me is the truth as spoken in PDW of the necessity to be a family warrior.  My blood covenant gave rise to the charge that was given to an angel, (whose huge right wing I was later shown, and can yet see) to shield my child.  Applying my blood covenant is why divine intervention caused the events of that night to take place in the parking lot.  Had my son already exited the secured gate prior to the 9 p.m. clandestine arrival of three police cars, the shooting could have occurred some place else; in which case we would not have had the advantage of event-by-event, videotaping.

​The two officers who opened fire were unaware the complex had 67 hidden cameras.  In an attempt to justify their use of deadly force, they conspired and falsely accused my son of attempting to hit the canine officer who did not enter into the parking lot, but remained outside the gate. Consequently my son was charged with assault against an officer with a deadly weapon; and violently resisting arrest.

​​The very thought of my son facing a 30-year prison gave rise to a level of warfare I did not know was in me; and beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever would not have been in me were it not for my PDW teachings. 

After regrouping from shock of the news, a  PDW team was formed.  Calling upon the Lord of hosts  I was ever-humbled, yielding my mind for what guidance was necessary to resist the lying tongues of the officers.  Knowing the necessity of maintaining a victorious, military mindset, I relied heavily on my PDW tapes.  I was guided to record audio air strikes, and fire them off electronically to the PDW team. To stir up the spirit of a military mindset, the air strikes were always recorded live, with the voice of combat.

Nothing motivating me as music does, the strikes were usually recorded with accompanying warfare sounds in the background audible only to me.  I have war drum sounds which to me, Dr. Chironna, are as your keyboard is to you.

​A few weeks following formation of the PDW team, divine intervention paved tway for private practice criminal defense counsel to represent my son; who informed me the attorney was a Believer. A couple of conversations with the attorney, a quick perusal of her website, and the Holy Spirit caused me to realize the attorney was a remarkable (as defined by Seth Godin) PDW warrior, chosen of God to plead the cause and part the waters for victims of law enforcement and judicial injustice.

​Even though video footage of the night in question provided the district attorney's office  clear evidence of my son's innocence, they refused to dismiss the charges.In hopes the 30-year prison term would cause my son to coward down, they offered him a deal to drop the assault against an officer, and take the violently arrest charge.  Divine protection on the night in question, video footage, and a divinely appointed PDW attorney--who was not supposed to have been assigned the case, there could be no doubt we were in a fixed fight; and the victory was ours for the taking.

As was said to Cletus, my son informed his PDW attorney his decision was: okay, D.A., come on, bring it on.

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