Dr.  Mark Chironna:

Glorious greetings.

Thank you for going above, beneath, and beyond to empower the beloved.  God's richest blessings to you.

Shortly after my February 2004 relocation back home to Texas--from a near 40-year wilderness journey in 

a leading new age import-export Ephesus, a life-changing experience began.


While watching TBN's Spring Praise-A-Thon,  I was touched by the Master.  I began staying in touch on Monday evenings; and checking the hosts for TBN's Praise the Lord broadcast. 

Approximately seven years ago, touched again by the Master, I decided to bless myself with two exceptionally grand birthday gifts.

"The Presence Driven Warrior" (PDW), and "The Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) is Within You-How to Unlock Your Destiny Powers" are yet influencing my ways, my words, my works, and my walk; beyond what I can express in this synopsis of the word of my overcomING testimony.  As  my miracles are yet in the fleshING out stage, I have purposefully expressed present participle tense of my testimony at this point. 

My purpose, Dr. Chironna, for purchasing both tapes was relative to my destined life purpose.  As one whose two greatest loves this side of heaven are children and music, the PDW series was purchased knowing the necessity for heavy duty artillery to wage a triumphant  battle against the prince of the power of the air; who, ever-traversing the AIRwaves, is ever-hovering the atmosphere; ever-broadcasting vials of murder thy brother, hate thy sister, vilify thy villages, thy school campuses, etc.

"...This is a rhema, from, the Holy Ghost...Now, I just need you to know...as I was with Moses...God's not talking to Joshua..."

However, I had no clue the above quoted excerpts would be the arsenal used to fuel a personal battle.

From day one of a 19-month ordeal, PDW inspired the strategy of a divinely guided tactical approach in an

uncommon courtroom battle.

​August  11, 2014 (3 days following the murder of Michael Brown) was the opening night of a fixed fight.

Two Richmond, California police officers unjustifiably fired--from behind--into my son's car, with its brake lights on, as he sat therein awaiting opening of the secured gate to the downstairs parking lot of the 3rd floor apartment in which he, his wife, his stepson and stepdaughter resided.

The day one trial playback of the police call made by my son's wife unequivocally established the fact that her call reported nothing more than property damage done by her husband (my son) as he backed out of his parking space into her son's vacant truck, which was parked also In the parking lot.


Contrary to their claim that they opened fire because they had ordered my son to stop the car, video footage clearly

established at no point  did officers communicate any verbal or otherwise arrest intent/attempt. 


A total of 8 bullets entered into the car of my unarmed, non-whatsoever threatening son; all 8 of which ricocheted throughout the car.


Dr. Chironna, as the mother of a 45-year old, Black male, only child, too real for me is the truth as spoken in PDW of the necessity to be a family warrior.  True are your words a presence driven warrior is a daily, blood applying, family warrior.


Application of my blood covenant gave rise to the charge for an angel whose huge right wing I was later shown, and can yet see to shield my child; and whose left wing to take control of the steering wheel after he dropped to the car's floorboard, looking up to the street lights to guide him.  


Application of my blood covenant is why divine intervention caused the events of that night to take place in the parking lot.  Had my son already exited the secured gate prior to the 9 p.m. clandestine arrival of three police cars, the shooting could have occurred some place else; in which case we
would not have had the advantage of event-by-event, videotaping.

Based on the trial testimony of the two officers guilty of firing their weapons: "I was not trying to stop the car.  I was trying to hit the driver", their intent to kill my son could have been a reality--without video footage.

The two officers who opened fire were unaware the complex had 67 hidden cameras.

In an attempt to justify their use of deadly force, they conspired and falsely accused my son of attempting to hit the canine officer who did not enter into the parking lot, but remained outside the gate. Consequently my son was charged with assault against an officer with a deadly weapon; and violently resisting arrest.

​The very thought of my son facing a 30-year prison gave rise to a level of warfare I did not know was in me; and beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever would not have been in me were it not for my PDW teachings. 


After regrouping from shock of the news, a  PDW team was formed.  Calling upon the Lord of hosts for a battle plan,  I was ordered to stay ever-humbled, yielding my mind for what guidance was necessary to resist the lying tongues of the officers.


Knowing the necessity of maintaining a victorious, military  mindset, I relied heavily on my PDW tapes.  I was guided to record audio air strikes, and fire them off electronically to the PDW team. To stir up the spirit of a military mindset, the air strikes were always recorded live, with the voice of combat. Nothing motivating me as music does, the strikes were usually recorded with accompanying warfare sounds in the background, audible only to me.  I have war drum sounds which to me, Dr. Chironna, are as your keyboard is to you.

A few weeks following formation of the PDW team, divine intervention paved the way for private practice criminal defense counsel to represent my son; who informed me the attorney was a Believer. 

A couple of conversations with the attorney, a quick perusal of her website www.thebestonyourside.com, and the Holy Spirit caused me to realize the attorney was a remarkable (as defined by Seth Godin) PDW warrior, chosen of God to plead the cause and part the waters for victims of law enforcement and judicial injustice.

Even though video footage of the night in question provided the district attorney's office  clear evidence of my son's innocence, they refused to dismiss the charges. In hopes the 30-year prison term would cause my son to coward down, they offered my son a deal to drop the assault against an officer, and take the violently arrest charDivine protection on the night in question, video footage, and a divinely appointed PDW attorney--who was not supposed to have been assigned the case, there could be no doubt thei told Cletus, my son informed his PDW attorney his decision was-- okay, D.A., come on, come on, bring it on.