Operation Like Lightning

ISAIAH 59:19(b) 
When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.



OLLMVM is a strategic, 24-7 battle plan against violent entertainment media.  More specifically, OLLMVM is an unprecedented battle music and music videosformed, traversing the airwaves, and targeted against children, youth, and young adults (CYYA). 


In this hour of "murder thy brother, hate thy sister, vilify thy village"; in this hour of violent acts fueled by racism, overt, unjustifiable acts of murder by and of law enforcement;  in this hour of religious persecutions, kidnappings, brutal murders, beheadings, has the LORD set up a standard for such a war as these?



There is an overwhelming need for Kingdom of God warriors to make a shift in our warfare against violence; which for the most part has been in the likeness of guerilla warfare, i.e., an uprising over here about this, this, and this; an occasional march over there about that, that, that. Let there be no doubt, were it not for our bouts of battle, we would not have a community left standing.


Essential to waging the most effective war is a military mindset; i.e., thinking strategically, organizing strategically, and mobilizing strategically. Though Kingdom warriors have a more excellent armor of weaponry (greater by far than any and all other), in the absence of employing military tactics (unassigned posts and unguarded walls) our neighborhoods have been easy prey.



Has the Lord raised up a standard?


Jeremiah 51:27 "Set ye up a standard in the land, blow the trumpet..."

2 Chronicles 20:21-22 "And... appointed singers...And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments..."

Joshua 6:20 "So...shouted...blew with the trumpets:...sound of the trumpet...shouted with a great shout...wall fell down flat..."


Throughout the Old Testament, we are shown music, a form of sound, is a weapon. Why? Sound (light, energy) is a creative force. The sound of God's voice created the universe. The literal translation of "universe" is one stanza/sound.  Words, when spoken, become a form of sound. Music can create an atmosphere of peace within and on earth; and it can create an atmosphere of hell within and on earth.


In the Book of Job we learn music was in the background during creation. He who was leading the angelic host in song during creation knows the power of music; and he knows death and life are in the power of the tongue. Identified to us as the prince of the power of the air, he has been traversing the airwaves with the sounds of murder thy brother, hate thy sister, and vilify thy village; cleverly using the power of our Black men's tongues to create and eat the fruit of death.


THE KINGDOM'S WEAPONS OF WARFARE are not carnal (that which can be seen with the natural eye, touched with the hands of man), but are mighty through God--mighty through spirit. Violence itself cannot be seen with the natural eye. What we see are the violent acts or the consequences thereof, which are the outer manifestation of inner violence. That categorizes violence as spirit. There is not and cannot ever be a man-made weapon that can shoot or cut a spirit. The one and only weapon that can destroy spirit is spirit. Music, words, and sounds, cannot be seen with the natural eye; which categorizes them as spirit.


The sound of music (with and without lyrics) was yesterday, is today, and will forevermore be an unstoppable kingdom weapon of warfare. It is no respecter of kingdoms. In much the same way as the same sun shines on the just and the unjust, music works for both kingdoms. While music is no respecter of kingdoms, the Good News is, light in any form overcomes darkness in every form.


Statistics can give us a count of the bodies that have been murdered.  And while the high count is surely cause for alarm and action, our greater cause for alarm and action must become that of getting our children, youth, and young adults born-again.  ISVMI is sounding the alarm and calling for Christian musicians, praise and worship ministries, gospel artists, radio and television networks, choirs, and singers, to orchestrate strategic Kingdom of Light Village Music Vigils.


Kingdom men, it's way past the hour to turn the tables over and tread up one side and down the other of wicked moneychangers.   Kingdom mothers, it's time to ruffle feathers, tread with unprecedented fury. Down with memorial vigils and up with victorious music vigils--24-7-- from schoolyard to schoolyard, street corner to street corner, jailhouse to jailhouse, and prison to prison. Believers and defenders of ALL CHILDREN, it is way past the hour to arise and send strong east winds into enemy camps. 


Kingdom of God treaders, it's time to tread.