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Highlighted testimony of court-appointed guardian's acquiescence that "onesty was subjected to acts of domestic violence.  

The instance spoken of here is reportedly a public occasion instigated by Ms. Lomax when she drove to where her boyfriend was and attacked him.    A readiness to resort to violence was basis for her to take anger management course.

Testimony of Ernest mcneary, eyewitness to belt whippings.

The bench gave a deaf ear to testimoy and blind eye to a few select photos depiciting "Onesty at home with me up to and including on february 8, 2022, her birthday

Upon learning 'Onesty was being left in care of registered sex offender, and was being emotionally and physically abused,

 filed a complaint with CPS.  


The worker assgned to the case made a "visit" to the household, but did not conduct an  "investigation".  


The worker did not talk to 'Onesty, did not check 'Onesty for bruise markes, did not recommend an

evaluation,, and did not recommend a physical examination. The decision was made to take no action.  


UPDATE:  January 3, 2015 I filed a second complaint which linked to the video showing my granddaughter's father, Clifford franklin being arrested in the drug raid.  Also provided them with eye witness testimony of emotional and physical abuse.


It has been reported to me that on January 7 the one and same case worker as before made another "visit". Now more than 1 month later I await status of my claim.   


'Onesty Franklin