PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This post clarifies my "well done"  comment in the above post, which was made inadvertently to the wrong God Code interview with Mr. Gregg Braden. 


Having intent to share Gregg's interview with a precious, newfound Sister in Christ,  I searched my comments for The God Code.  In so doing, I was graciously made to realize this interview is an excerpt of the actual interview of my intent; wherein Gregg dynamically explained the 5-word (number of God's grace) GOD ENCODED message "God eternal within the body" is in every living cell of all mankind; and so translates the same message in the language of every tongue under the sun.


Needing to receive divine guidance from as to how Christ Jesus would have me comment, I made none at that point. Guidance of the Holy Spirit received, I returned to the youtube website and searched "The God Code", which yielded numerous results.  I did not know the particular interview to which I was about to post my comment was not the interview I had watched. It was instead an excerpt of the video I had watched.  Having interest in hearing Gregg discuss The God Code only, I advanced the full-length video to the segment beginning with The God Code.  Consequently, I erred by making comment to a video I had not heard in its entirety.


Since my comments to the Power of Belief video, two Christian family members of two of Gregg's followers have voiced concerns to me with regard to the decision of their loved ones who are followers of Gregg.  The family concerns caused me to examine more closely the manner by which a divine miracle is being intellectually presented as no longer a miracle once the language of feelings is understood; at which point the miracle becomes a technique; a technique whereby MANkind, "absent intervention", can climb up and enter through heaven's door.


Assured divine intervention is the reason I discovered my error, my position as a Body of Christ intercessor again compels me to comment to this particular segment of Gregg's interview regarding what is and is not prayer.  Strong concern is held for the insidious manner by which souls are being intellectually lured into a mindset of deception.  Divine guidance mandated this comment be given the due in-depth reply.


In light of the scientific explanation as to how God awesomely internalized himself into the spirit, body, and soul, of each and every living being, Gregg's remark that this language of feelings is a tool absent "intervention" is absurd.


The very scientific fact, so named by Gregg as "The God Code", is simply and plainly referred to in the holy scriptures as the "divine nature".  The divine nature correlates with Jesus' good news proclamation, The kingdom of heaven is within you.  The Matthew 17 report of this amazing gospel truth, together with the report of Hebrews 4:12 means it is a forever settled, done deal impossibility for man to have a single thought of mind or a single heartfelt feeling, absent divine intervention.


Godly wisdom​ would have Gregg, his followers, and countless others who have read Genesis 1:26 to know we are co-creators because that's the way God, in eternity past (before the foundation of the world), planned it. 


The triune God wonderfully and fearfully made MANkind (a kind of god) in their image; and equipped MANkind with the tool of an imaginative​ mind to THINK intuitively--after their likeness; the tool of a heart with which to BELIEVE--after their likeness--; and the tool of a tongue with which MANkind--after their likeness​ can SPEAK.


In the 4-hour Power of Belief video, Gregg speaks of how the feelings of the heart emit magnetic waves which create positive or negative results. What better scientific finding

can shed light on the enigma of Christ Jesus' instruction to doubt not in our heart, as opposed to saying, doubt not in our mind.


Presumably the practitioners depicted in the demonstration of the tumor vanishing were not of the Christian faith. Why did the cancerous tumor vanish?  In another video Gregg discusses the development of the feeling of belief in their heart. The video reveals how the practitioners practiced sounding/speaking out, sounding/speaking out, sounding/speaking out, and sounding/speaking out, to give rise to the feeling of belief in their heart.  


That which cannot be seen with the natural eye is spirit. No one has ever seen faith, doubt, belief, a thought, or sound, a form of which music, vocalized lyrics and spoken words are.  Doubting not in the heart and speaking to mountains is not a law of religion.   It is a non-religious spiritual law.  It worked because the spiritual elements of belief and sound (the creative force of energy and light), powered by the tongue  were used to speak death to the tumor.  Someone remarked, "It's coming back." Why would someone make such a remark?  Perhaps they noticed the practitioners spoke only to the MANifested condition of flesh.


Gregg emphasizes words are insignificant, yet because out of the abundance of belief in their heart, the practitioners applied spoken words to the cancerous tumor, it did exactly what Jesus said it would do--moved to yonder place.


John 1:3

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”


When after the likeness of Christ Jesus, MANkind will DOUBT not; and contrary to what Gregg is teaching, when after the likeness of Jesus, Son of God, MANkind will SPEAK to mountains, Ma​nkind will thereby MANifest change to existing conditions, or MANifest development of things that be not.


John 10:1

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”


The epitome of deception would have to be for one's mind to become blinded​ to the point of thinking God is now or will ever accept anyone w*ho rejects His son.


"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

While it is possible for non-Christians to climb up over here and grab a healing of their flesh, what has it profited them when their healed flesh becomes as grass, and they are left with nothing but the soul with which they rejected Christ Jesus?