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Open Letter-Petition to President Barack Obama

Violent Video Research - Brain Scans 

 "...and Congress should fund research into the effects that violent video games have on young minds,..."  ??


Indiana University Brain Scan Research

The brain scans on the right show that media violence stunts or "retards" kids' brain development: children with violent TV, movie, and video game exposure had reduced cognitive brain function. Media violence also makes violent brains: violent

TV, movie, and video game exposure had an effect on normal kids that made their brain scans the same as children with documented, diagnosed Aggressive Behavior Disorder.

This second set of brain scans shows brain activity during a decision making

exercise, called Go-No-Go. When it comes to looking into the future, weighing consequences and making decisions, the low media violence exposure group is using a lot of the logical part of their brain; the high media violence exposure group is using very little.

Virus of Violence - Video Documentary

As should be, we have research which provides brain scans which depict damage to the brain of children who engage in violent video games. As should be, we have research which provides how many violent images have been recorded on the brain, and permanently stored in the subconscious mind of a teenager by the time they reach age 18. 


As should be, why do we not have brain scans to depict the brain of the at-risk population of youth who


As should be, in an effort to determine the cause of school campus mass murderers, media habits of the killers are explored. As should be, why is there no investigative discovery as to the media habits of Black males who fill the juvenille halls, jails, prisons, and graveyards?


Violent media being a common ground of school campus murderers, brain scan research is available which provides imagery of brain deterioration.  Though research shows at-risk youth listen to (have brain recordings of) an average of 6.8 hours of violent music daily, why are there no brain scan studies to depict disruptive brain activity of this population of at-risk youth?  



Though you, the members of Congress, and the FCC are fully knowledgeable as to the creative power of words (a form of sound) and the power of music (a form of sound), with or without lyrics, and their effect on the brain, there is a wide population who believe the effect of  music ends when the song ends.  They are not mindful of the fact that each message carried by the word, each motivating,  rhythmic beat, each vibrational sound is being permanently recorded on the brain each and every time they are received by the brain sensors.  

In this video documentary, host Martin Sheen and world-renowned

experts take you on a frightening tour of media violence and the impact it is having on our society.


Military expert Lt. Col. David Grossman explains how the same methods the military uses to train our soldiers to kill are being used by movies, television and video game developers to influence our children.

Dr. Brandon Centerwall describes how his research with the Centers for Disease Control revealed that media violence is the single key factor in our escalating violent crime rate.

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