Open Letter-Petition to President Barack Obama

The Science of the Epidemic of Violence Against Black Race

Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment

 "...Rich et al reported on the findings of content analyses that looked for gender or race differences in aggressors or victims of acts of violence portrayed in the same sample of 518 music videos. The analyses showed that black individuals were overrepresented as aggressors (25%) and as victims (41%), compared with the percentage of black individuals in the general population (12%)..." ??

Though from a standpoint differing from yours, specifically, as a Black mother


Steven Halpern © 2012

Taking a Look at the Record

"...You're [sic] brain is being entrained all the time, whether you've been aware of it or not.  Every time you tap your toes to the beat of the music  you're being entrained.  Every time you've enjoyed the flickering flame of a candle or  fireplace, you're being entrained. The former affects your entire body, the latter affects your brainwaves..." 

Rhythm Entrainment

vs Brainwave Entrainment

Entrainment refers to the physical pehnomenon in which a stronger external rhythmic stimulus (or oscilating, pulsing system), measured in beats per minute, causes a weaker system (your heart) to synchronize to its rhythm.  It's not a matter of choice; it's an automatic response, not subject to conscious control..." 

whose only child is a miraculously blessed-to-be-alive, 43-year old Black male, I had to know--beyond the shadow of any doubt--the science of the epidemic of Black male youth murdering one another--more than youth of other nations; and what was enabling them to do so without batting an eye.



One parent households led by women is not

new for Black families.  Forced absence of the

husband from his wife and children during

slavery did not cause Black male youth to

murder one another. 



Our worse state of poverty and the absence of basketball courts during the days of slavery did not cause Black male youth to murder one another.

Your being knowledgeable of the Word of God, sir, you will recall scripture tells us what to do when we lack wisdom about a matter.  



Fast forwarding through months of asking, seeking, and knocking, the first answer given to me was:  "They're doing the same thing as your generation and the generations before you." My response. "Oh no. We were not running around killing each other."

After months of wrestling with the first answer, I was at my kitchen sink when out of the blue, I  felt the words: "They're 

being led by the messages and motivated 

by the music".

34 Year Old Bill Withers
Lean On Me

"...You just call on me, brother,

when you need a hand
We all need somebody

To lean on..."

A quick flashback was all it took to realize

Kill, Kill, Kill, Murder, Murder, Murder

Gangsta Boo - Lyrics ??

Chorus x2
"Kill, kill, kill, murder, murder, murder
40-40 cal, watch a nigga hurt a...


Now it's time to get you
Come with me
So you can see the side
Of the dark niggas
Claimin' hard
Be left with body parts in the yard..."


the Black on Black murders in the streets go hand in hand with the Black on Black murders in the lyrics and the trap beats on the music sheets.

13 Year Old Gangsta Rapper Lil Mouse

Get Smoked Lyrics ??

[Verse 1]
I'm rollin',
all my niggas rollin'
30 clip and them hollow tips ...

My niggas in the field;
you might get killed 
Pancake-ass nigga, 

I keep that shit real 

40 hit his face, 

BBQ his ass like a grill
Y'all niggas ain't real,

lame niggas get killed..."

Not overlooking the fact that there are Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Filipino gangsta rap performers,  the logical question becomes,

why isn't there an epidemic of Asian on 

Asian murder, or Filipino on Filipino murder,or Hispanic/Latino on Hispanic/Latino murder?  

3 Peat

Lil Wayne  - Lyrics ??

"...I might go crazy on these niggas

I don't give a motherf&ck
Run up in a nigga house
And shoot his grandmother up what!
What I don't give a motherf&ck

Get you baby kidnapped..."

In Cold Blood

Rick Ross


[Verse 1]

"...I murdered all of my foes,

contract killing

Twenty K will get ya grandmammy pinned to the ceiling

Midst of the war, I p*ss on graves

Kids get grazed by my p*ss poor ways..."

We oppose all racial slurs. Nonetheless, they do exist and there is a database of racial slurs.  Our Google searches revealed the Black male to be the target audience of all gangsta rap lyrics.



"...Rob who...Nigga we gon rob you...

F&ck ya mean mug,

Nigga f&ck ya mean mug..."

Filipino Gangsta

Rappers - Death Threat 

Kickin Lyrics 1 to 7

A quick ear to the video clearly reveals the lyrics of Mean Mug do not use "Chant", the Asian racial slur ?? which would incite Asian on Asian hatred/murder.  Instead, the racial slur "Nigga" is used, thereby inciting hatred and provoking violenceagainst the Black male within the Asian nation.


Flip, an acronym for funny or f&ckin little island people, is one of the racial slurs for the Filipino nation. ??  Kicking Lyrics 1 to 7 is a 00:36:20 compilation of raps.  While we were not able to find lyrics online to the Kickin Lyric 1 rap, the racial slur "Nigga" is used three times at the point of 59 seconds, the first two of which are within  the first ten seconds.  When we reached the lyrics "crazy Nigga from around the way...", we had given our ear to Death Threat for 00:01:15; at which point we had heard the hate term "nigga" five times.   



"...Although time devoted to listening to music varies with age group, American youth listen to music from 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day. Still, a study performed with a small sample of at-risk youth revealed an average of up to 6.8 hours of music-listening per day..."??

In addition to our Google search revealing the fact that gangsta rappers of other nations rap lyrical hatred and provoke murder against the Black male, research studies provide statistical data reflecting the differences in the listening habits of at-risk youth to be much higher than other youth.

Our Google searches revealed the Black male to be the target audience of all gangsta rap lyrics.   As such, the resounding message to hate and murder the Black male is being released into the neighborhood of every culture. Consequently, tthe brain of Black children, youth, and young adults, as well as the brain of children, youth, and young adults of other nations is rhythmically entrained to hate and murder Black males. 

The message of hatred and murder being communicated toward the Black male, the on average 6.8 hour daily listening habits of at-risk youth, and the racial disparities in the public airings go hand in hand with the disparities in the crime and murder statistics of the Black at-risk youth and young adult male.   


, recorded on the brain and permanently stored in the subconscious mind of children, youth, and young adults of all nationalities; some of whom become police officers, judges, lawyers, politicians, etc., etc., etc.

Taking into consideration the science of rhythmic brainwave entrainment, together with the at-risk youth brain's recording (an average 6.8 hours daily) of messages such as  "Get Smoked"; "Kill, Kill, Kill, Murder, Murder, Murder, there can be little to no doubt as to why there is an epidemic of Black on Black murders. 


This assignment, which began with my quest to understand how Black youth could murder thy brother in a heartbeat, without batting an eye, and have no remorse, caused me to consider the fact that the Father of all creation did not create a red, yellow, black, brown, or white brain.  


The journey to truth caused me to become knowledgeable of the difference between the brain, the conscious mind, and above all the subconscious mind, which does not know right or wrong; which does not know good or evil; which does not know skin color.  


QUOTE "Operant Conditioning, Stimulus response" FROM "STOP TEACHING OUR KIDS TO




What is the enabling factor?  Going back to the research study, the 200,000 acts of violence and more than 16,000 messages to hate and murder were recorded on the brain, fed into the conscious mind, processed in the subconscious mind, and placed in memory for use at a later time.  

the subconscious mind which, by no knowledgeabe, willful choice of the listener, has become  entrained to hate and to murder can open fire on thy black, brown, red, yellow, or white neighbor; thy black, brown, red, yellow, or white school mate, etc., etc., etc.,  in a heartbeat, without batting an eye.