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5-DAY BEWAREness Week



Thank you for giving eye and ear to I Silence Media Violence's  (isMv's) 5-Day BEWAREness campaign.  

This embedded video is for the benefit of those who are unclear as to what media violence is; or perhaps know what it is, but need a tidbit of assistance with finding a means of how best to explain it to their children or to others.



Simply defined, media is any means by which a message is communicated; e.g., t-shirts, music, videos, or perhaps someone who does sign language.


The 6 o'clock evening news is a daily message of local, national, and even worldwide events. The people who give the daily reports are known as journalists, news reporters, and broadcasters.

In today's media age, training up a child is not as simple as it was before the advent of cell phones and other mobile devices.  


When doing grass root studies, we discovered most children, youth, young adults, and many adults, don't consciously consider the fact that everything their eyes see, is being recorded on their brain.

The Word of God is a form of media.  The first four books of the New Testament are known as the Gospel of Christ; which means 'good news.'  The New Testament provides us with reports of the greatest ever news - salvation. 


Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are the names of four reporters who travelled with Jesus when he was on planet Earth.  Their Gospels report the miracles, signs, and wonders which their eyes witnessed, which they witnessed others experience, and as they also experienced while journeying with Jesus.

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