As it is with climbing earth's awe-inspiring mountains, so it is with moving life's hindering mountains.  Great or small, earth's climbers and life's mountain movers must be clothed in gear fit for the occasion. 

In some instances Jesus instructs us to

pray, ask and it will be given; other times he tells us to tread; and we have the instance of his telling us how and where to move mountains.

You are lovingly urged to set aside a window of time (1:09:39); or with time restraints, several window[s] of time and watch Dr. Trimm as she imparts knowledge; and moves the congregation into the spirit realm necessary to move the mountains.

Differing from a call in prayer line, the divinely assigned Mission of Mountain

Movin' Marathons is being that of an online network of Doubt-not-Speak-to-Sing to-Mountain-Moving-Believers; who are strategically networking, raising valleys of depression, lowering hills of anxiety, compassionately, effectually, and fervently melting and moving all manner of mountains. 

The Marathons will air the 3rd Saturday of the month. There will be four sessions of 3-hour marathons (early morning, early afternoon, and early evening). The first 90 minutes will be devoted to calls from children, youth, and young adults (CYYA) up to age 24; the second 90 minutes for age 25 and over.

Mountain Movin' Believers will specify their target mountain; e.g., the mountains

of violent sounds  (lyrics, music hovering their specific community;  school campus of ABC; or street corner sounds of Glocks around the

clock in neighborhood XYZ. 

And yea, still the violent winds and calm the raging storms of the sea.