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In the early 90's my soul was enriched with the reading of Biblical Roots of All Mankind; an article authored by Marilyn Hickey, and published in her magazine, Time With Him. 


Specifying her intent to provide   truths relative to the Christian faith of the Black race as set forth in the Word of God, Marilyn begins her article with reminding readers of earth's one and only 8-member family (Noah and his wife, their three sons and their wives) to survive the 40-day flood; from which all the families of today have come.  

In addition to providing the regions to which each of Noah's sons migrated following the flood, Marilyn also gave their name and the meaning. Shem (olive complexion) migrated to Asia;  Japheth (fair complexion) migrated to the Caucacus Mountains; the youngest son, Ham (dark complexion) migrated to Africa.


After providing the lineage of Noah's son Ham, who fathered four sons, and is known as the father of the african race, Marilyn referenced the African bloodline of the four female descendants of Ham; whose names are recorded in the gospel of Matthew's account of Christ Jesus' genealogy.

Though Marilyn did not mention it in her article, the holy scriptures  clearly establish the fact that the only human blood Jesus had flowing through his vessels was the blood of his virgin mother, Mary. Conclusively, Jesus' African bloodline had to come through his virgin mother having an African bloodline.


The essence and splendor of Christ Jesus is far above and way beyond the color of his skin.    The color black has scales of gray which can be scaled down to white; whereas the color white has composites of no other color.  Stating it to be a documented medical fact that the genes of two light skinned people cannot produce a dark skinned offspring, Marilyn goes on to establish in order for one of Noah's sons to be black, Noah and/or his wife had to be dark complexioned.

Matthew 2:13King James Version (KJV)

13 And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.

When he was somewhere between 18 and 24 months old, my son awakened from napping in the children's room, went into my sister's bedroom closet, climbed upon something that had been built in the back of the closet and hid himself behind the clothes.  At the point of peeking in to check on him, she panicked.  Calling out to him, and going room to room, she searched beneath all the beds, looked in all the closets, behind the shower curtain, and the sofa.  En  route to go back and start the search again, she got whiff of a smell that led her straight to her bedroom closet.   Stepping inside and pulling back the clothes, there he stood.   It was not an easy place to find him.  My sister said had it not been for the whiff, she would not have thought to search for him there.   Her youngest daughter had taken him in there with her when they were playing hide and seek.  The African bloodline provided in Chapter 1 of Matthew's gospel  to why the only wise God would instruct Joseph to hide Mary and the child in Africa. 

The essence of Jesus is far above and way beyond skin color.  While God and the angelic host of heaven forbid anyone to negate the diety of Christ Jesus by, the fact of the matter is he did have skin. The wisdom of the one and same God who said to make no graven images of him, knew the main character of the world's best selling book would also make a best selling image.



Aside from being displeased with the worship of idol gods, no doubt one of the reasons God forbade graven images of him was he knew any form of an engraved image purportedly depicting the savior savior of the world; the greatest person ever to set foot on planet earth; and, the main character of what he knew would become the best selling book in the world, would not only become an engraved image manipulated for personal preference by some, but would also become a mass production engraved image on all maner of media from engraved letterhead to digitally engraved church fans, for financial gain by others. He who knows the thought and intent of every heart will avenge those who have maliciously manipulated human imagery of Christ Jesus; and the tables of profiteering moneychangers will be turned over.



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