A couple of weeks ago, the world witnessed a Bro. in Christ who, though less than perfect, as are we all, is also the president of the only nation founded upon the doctrine of Christ Jesus, wave his hand and say "faith is above government."  Truer words, though seldom heard, cannot come forth from the mouth of anyone holding a position in the high places of government.


Just as truly as there is salvation in no name other than Christ, there is no other way for America to remain a Christian nation other than to ensure to every extent possible that there are no wicked, rulers of darkness in the high places of its leadership. 


How can Christians know the righteous from the wicked?  Genesis to Revelations is the Christian Guide for righteousness, peace, and joy. Proverbs 29:2 is the Christian Voter's Guide.  No place from Genesis to Revelation is there written the words "democrats, republicans, liberal, liberal Christian, left, right, progressive", etc., etc., etc.

1) examine the VOTING GUIDE TO SEE HOW CANDIDATES VOTE; 2) vote for candidates who have a VOTING HISTORY for issues which do not compromise the written and forever settled Word of God.