The good ol' school days, and schools in a daze go hand in hand with the messages in the music of the day.

Chuck Berry - 1957

Ima Gangster Rap Video
Josh Groban


"...Nobody thought i'd blow up like a firestone tire (yeah)
oh there's no beat left
~(six gun shots)~
die die evil santa clause die...

i like to slap bitches
i like to slap hoes..."

In Cold Blood LYRICS 
Rick Ross -  2009


[Verse 1]
"...I murdered all of my foes,

contract killing
Twenty K

will get ya grandmammy

pinned to the ceiling
Midst of the war,

I piss on graves
Kids get grazed

by my piss poor ways..."

Byron Harland - 1907

Lyrics Good ol' School Days

Lyrics Schools In A Daze

"...At Harper High School in Englewood, where I’ll be visiting later on today, a newly-hired teacher noticed that when classes ended in the afternoon, kids would leave the building and walk right down the middle of the street. Now, at first, she thought this was just typical adolescent misbehavior. But one student explained that it’s actually safest that way, even with all the cars whizzing by, because it gives them the best view of any fights or shootings, and they have more time to run..." 19

Contrary to the scenario described in 1st Lady Michelle's Youth Violence Speech, the 3 o'clock bell which was once a time to run into the street, head to the juke joint to dance and romance, has become a time to walk in the middle of the street, fearful their life might be grazed by chance.

The days of kids learning to the tune of a hick'ry stick is now replaced with kids dying to the tune of the Glock's click, click.