Prophetic Manifestation of Murder via

Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment in Music/Music Videos

Many readers are among the spiritually wise who do not listen to and/or watch crime-centered music/music

"...A study of 100 fourth- to sixth-graders revealed that 75% of them watched music videos, with 60% of them self-describing their frequency of viewing videos as either “pretty much” or “a lot.” Of these children, 62% watched music videos either “most days” or “every day,” and 7% watched them even before going to school..."                          Read more

videos such as the ones embedded below. 


The fast rapping, profuse profanity, and death trap beats are a smoke-screened wile; cunningly crafted to annoy and deter the spiritually enlightened wise; thereby disguising the demonic activation of the spirits of: murder thy brother, misogynize thy women, massacre thy schoolmates, vilify thy village, city, state.

We pray you receive a servant's grace to embrace the greater cause--for a moment--and become one who gives their eyes and ears to-at least one-of the criminalized music videos below.  Can we heal, deliver, win the soul of our CYYA and not be wise as to the diabolical depth of murder planted-abundantly-in their heart?

LIL MOUSE - GET SMOKED - Lil Mouse was 13 years old

at the time of this song.

6,646,401 views-Published  Jul 5, 2012

"...My niggas in the field;  you might get

killed...40 hit his face...that bitch...that ho..."

NOTE: Frame 1:35 shows man (white pants)  flash a quick wave of gun in front of Lil Mouse; who though not having a gun in his hand, is depicted as so, aiming and firing. 

The depiction of African Americans partying to the lyrical message to kill "niggas"  is the epitome of entraining  children, youth, and young adults to become one with the spirit to murder thy brother.

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OFFICIAL VIDEO -Centro Side Records (2012)

693,715 views-Published Feb 4, 2012

We found no online lyrics, but the video begins by featuring the criminal entrainment of young Hispanic males; the prison system's second highest population.

"...When I grow up, Ima be a hustler..

.Man, when I grow up Ima be a mac..)."




"...Shooting people by day, selling drugs by night, The gangsta life is hell a tight...Jewish person goes to jail all my homies cheer...mince meat out of his rear...Ben Peddy helped me make this gangsta song...I shot him in the face cause he looked at me wrong.  (shooting a buddy alludes to game world award of First Person Shooter)..Nobody thought I'd blow up like a firestone tire...(massacrist profile)...I like to slap bitches/hoes..." 

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School Shooting Video

Shooting scenes begin at 2:03

"...All the other kids

with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun

my gun...better run, faster than my bullet..."

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Northside Family - MEAN MUG

666,146 views-Published  Sep 1, 2011

"...Mean mug, Nigga you gone mug who

Rob me, Nigga we gone rob you..."


33,372 views-Published  Feb 10, 2015

"...So you can see the side
Of the dark niggas claimin' hard
Be left with body parts in the yard..."

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15 Year Old Memphis Baby Savage Puts out

Music Video Waving Around More Guns Than a Small Army!

1,708,152 views-Published  Jul 19, 2015

"...I murdered all of my foes

Contract killing Twenty k will get ya grandmamy  Pinned to the ceiling
Midst of the war I piss on graves
Kids get grazed by my piss poor ways..."

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"...yet have I made myself servant

unto all, that I might gain the more.

...And this I do for the gospel's sake,..."              Read 1Cor. 9:19-23

Electrical Pulsations of Light (Imagery) and Sound Encoded with Crime, Murder, and

Mayhem are Recorded on the Cranial Brain, the Heart Brain [1], and Permanently

Stored in the Subconscious Mind of Children, Youth, and Young Adults