Petition to President Donald Trump to Direct Congress to

Fund Brain Study Research on the Impact of Criminalized Music/Music Videos 

This Kingdom Battle Cry (KBC) and Peculiar People Petition (PPP) is an act of obedience to Father God; and

in defense of those who cannot do so for themselves; those proclaimed as an inheritance of the LORD in the forever settled holy scriptures; those identified as our posterity in America's Preamble to The Constitution.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.   As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth..."  Ps 127: 3-4

Our KBC-PPP is neither an issue of our constitutional right of free speech, nor the unlawful use of hate

speech.  Addressing the issue rhythmic brainwave entrainment (RBE), It speaks to the issue of electrical pulsations encoded with criminalized media targeting our population of children, youth, and young adults (CYYA); criminalized media which is being transmitted via the public airwaves; criminalized media causing physical damage (depicted herein) to their brain; criminalized media--insidiously--entraining the mind, heart, soul (thoughts, emotions, feelings, will).


In an interview with DJ Mag,
Drumma Boy (co-creator of trap beats) describes what trap really is: 

“... it’s that dirty, grimey 808 snare clap... then the music comes in with this hypnotizes... you feel like you’re in a dark dungeon, like you're in the trap itself."   Read more

Creator of trap sound takes movement beyond music

“...Regardless of where we came from, regardless of what we do, we can still make it. We learned how to motivate people in a massive way.” Drumma said..." Read more

In sync with the encoded criminalized messages, trap beats (beats per minute stimulus) motivate the body of our children to murder thy brother, kill thy schoolmates; vilify thy village, thy city, thy state, the nations; criminalized media entraining our CYYA to become one with misogyny; become one with selling/using drugs; become one with racial hatred; to become one with committing criminal acts against select groups of people.

This KBC-PPP will come before readers with limited literacy of entertainment media, readers who have never heard of rhythmic brainwave entrainment, and readers who are both media literate and fully knowledgeable of brainwave entrainment.  As such, the platform and menu driven style of a website was determined to best serve the instruction to make its vision plain so that all can run with it. 


Data compiled from  grassroots surveys revealed those most victimized are those who lack the knowledge necessary to make wise media decisions.  To that end we were compelled to provide details as deemed necessary.

Research Finds It Might Not Be Consciousness That Drives The Human Mind

are stored in lifeless file cabinets, our KBC-PPP addresses the criminalized RBE media, which is being permanently recorded on the brain of our CYYA; permanently stored and ever-ready for recall in one of their most powerful inner forces – their subconscious mind.

Unlike the mutable, legislative laws of free speech and hate speech which having not the breath of life

For clalrity, the Petition to governmental officials is not separate and apart from the Kingdom battle plan; which will be in the air and on the ground. The airwaves are the weapon being used to distribute criminalized media to our children.  As the authorized agency governing the use thereof, our PPP is the law of the land component.  


We anticipate there might be signers of the PPP who elect not to be a sonic warrior.   For the preference and readiness of all, we have placed Call to Action links at the bottom of each page.

mind.  A combination of effective spiritual and clinical treatment is an absolute must to override the encoded criminal messages.  Funding is needed for brain research, effective spiritual and clinical treatment.

Brainwaves are very much related to mental state.  Once

recorded on the brain, forever stored in the subconscious