Native-born Texan, raised in the household of faith in Christ Jesus from

childhood, Billie Stoker is a gospel of Christ born-again Believer--an immovable red-letter Believer.  

Shortly after graduating high school, Billie moved to San Francisco.

After 26 years year of employment in the office arenas of 

private industry and law firms, the congenital condition of scoliosis served to be an awesome blessing in disguise, forcing Billie's early exit from her 9 to 5 sedentary desks of employment. 

Forced out of her comfort zone at age 44, divorced, single mother of one child, Billie had no idea her cry "Okay, Father what on earth am I going to do now" had been answered ever before she called.

Several months prior to August 10, 1991, Billie's last day of employment with the State of California, her steps had been ordered to the dynamic teaching, visionary, and warfare ministry of Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, CA, Drs. Phillip and Brenda Goudeaux; and then spiritual warfare instructor, Min. Lue Johnson.

Shortly after Billie's first of seven years at Calvary, she responded to the altar call by Pastor Goudeaux for all those who were saved but not filled with the Holy Ghost, the evidence of speaking in tongues, heavenly language.


Calvary's Ministry of Helps as a Personal Worker (the counselors who stand behind  people who've responded to the altar call) and as a team member of the Book Writing Ministry were the beginning of preparing Billie for kingdom assignments. 

With the onset of Billie's first evening of attending Min. Lue Johnson's Spiritual Warfare class, she was serendipitously assigned to what she later realized was her post in the Kingdom .  Standing near the end of a long line of Intercessory Warfare attendees ahead of her, Billie followed suit , walked up to a table, grabbed a sheet of paper, and canvassed the classroom.  Upon finding a seat and looking at the paper her hands had been guided to grab from the table, she realized it was a type-written sheet of scriptures to pray for "The World of Entertainment."  

Mother of an African-American male, and a village mother, Billie was deeply concerned about males murdering one another being an isolated epidemic amongst her nation of children, youth, and young adults.  She, as does every eye reading this, knew two things: 1) guns do not have violence in them, and 2) nothing this side of heaven motivates African-Americans more than music. 


Consequential to her plea for divine answers to the isolated epidemic of African-American males murdering one another, Billie was introduced to rhythmic brainwave entrainment.  In 2012 God commissioned Billie to shine the light on the scientific principle of rhythmic brainwave entrainment.


Cloaked in the world of entertainment's media violence, diabolical music is ever-traversing the airwaves, ever-hovering hood to hood, ever emitting vials of venomous lyrics to murder thy brother, misogynize thy sister, vilify thy village; and, in recent years, frequenting campus to campus, releasing copy cat school shooting videos and gangsta rap sounds to massacre thy school mates.