About isMv

I SILENCE MEDIA VIOLENCE INC WORLDWIDE ("iSmviw") is founded upon truth absolute; that all things, including that of quelling violence, can and will be done triumphantly through the wisdom and power of the Creator of all things, Christ Jesus.​

In the early 90s I was divinely assigned to the world of entertainment. More specifically, my assigned post was diabolical musical sounds and lyrics instilling within the mind and heart of children, youth, and young adults (CYYA), the spirit to murder thy brother, misogynize thy sister, vilify thy village; and eventually, massacre thy school mates was added.

Warfare wisdom against media violence, is warfare against the prince of the power of the air.  The battles mandate a multitude of wise counsel be sought before engagement, and maintained thereafter.  


It is written when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord shall raise up a standard.  Of a certainty, the enemy has long been coming against the lives of our children, youth, and young adults (CYYA) like a flood. Has the Lord raised up a standard? Absolutely. 

The standard of our Lord that was raised up when Christ was on earth did not involve the government of man.  Christ came for the purpose of defeating the works of the devil.  Before returning to the Father, his John 17 prayer to the Father informs us he did what he was sent to do; specifically, demonstrate to us the power of those who hear and believe the things he taught the disciples; and do as he did. 


We, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the peculiar people of God, collectively are The Church; the only entity this side of heaven authorized and empowered by Christ to defeat that which he defeated; specifically, the effectiveness of all manner of Satanic powers.  

Scripture does not teach Satan is the prince of the air; rather, he is the prince of the “power” of the air. When we meditate that scripture, it is key that we realize the ‘air’ is the power.  Through networks of warfare ministries, kingdom treaders, use of kingdom warfare weapons, and our Lord of hosts’ unprecedented battle plan, Operation Like Lightning, the Kingdom's weapons of war shall surely silence  strongholds of media violence--in the North, in the South, in the East, and, in the West.  

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