Choice greetings to you:

We are gathering the warriors, shouting the victory, and will be contacting you soon.  Be at liberty to ask


PDW B. Stoker, Coordinator

  We the Peculiar People

Brainwaves are very much related to mental state.  Once

recorded on the brain, forever stored in the subconscious

mind.  A combination of effective spiritual and clinical treatment is an absolute must to override the encoded criminal messages.  Funding is needed for brain research, effective spiritual and clinical treatment.

Battle Cry to Kingdom of God Leadership: Dethrone the

 Prince of the Power of the AIRwaves


Petition to President Donald Trump, Congress, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai:

Halt Criminalized Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment of Children, Youth, and Young

Adults; and, Fund Brain Study Research on the Impact of Violent Music/Music Videos 

Let's Wage War